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How will human behavior, consumption patterns, ways of making business, and products and service offerings be affected by the future structure of society, digitalization and the sustainability development goals? Which scenarios will enterprises face in 2025 and what demands do they have to satisfy?

Our study about the future of consumption patterns 2025 combines insights from important industry profiles, start-ups, researchers and consumers with existing research in this area. Using scenario planning, four likely future scenarios has been defined which describes consumption behaviors and living solutions.

Readers of this report will gain ways of spotting triggers, assess their companies current state of digitalization and sustainability and how to future proof their business strategy.

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The paper ‘The future of Consumption Patterns 2025’ presents four future scenarios where events such as environmental disasters, political instability, serious data breach or rapid development of artificial intelligence drives us towards different future realities. The desire to keep control by making your own purchasing decisions is contrasted by the will to outsource these decisions due to convenience. Extremely specialized and customized solutions is opposed by standardized and automated platform structures.

My own bubble is a scenario characterized by conscious and active choices. Peer-to-peer solutions and sharing economy are widespread and people are careful with whom they share data and do not trust multinational enterprises. Participation in local communities to share products is common.

Earth at heart is a scenario where the global consciousness regarding the environment has been pushed to its extreme and joint efforts drive the sustainability agenda forward. All enterprises face high global demands of transparency and environmental consciousness and consumers exclusively do business with players they perceive contribute to a better world.

Commercialize me is a scenario that revolves around comfort and personalized consumption. The consumers demand customized products and services and are willing to share their data to enable this. Access to desired offers is considered more important than integrity and the consumers do not want to make active purchase decisions.

Time is scarce is a scenario where automated and instant consumption is of importance. A few global players dominate the market and the consumers’ focus is the customer journey experience and that it results in something that facilitates every day activities rather than purchasing specific brands.

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