How Digitalized are you today? How digitalized could you be and how digitalized do you have to be to remain competitive?

Digitalization is a broad term and most companies have already entered the journey of digitalization in one way or another. Some starting off in the marketing perspective, others as an administration support, data storage, CRM, etc – often to solve a specific problem rather than creating a whole new digital eco system with the full utilization of digital opportunities in mind.


Our value contribution lies in our understanding of digitalization and that our clients are both traditional players moving into digitalization and young, high-speed growth players where the digital logic is the core of the business. These two types of players requires different support but the question for everyone is still: what must be digitalized and what must be solved in a physical setting? What is our core value contribution now and in five years? What problem are we really solving for our clients and is there a whole new set of offerings and acitivities that should be added to make it easy for our clients?

Cartina Digitalization Assessment is a standardized framework for measuring companies' digital maturity and readiness by studying three aspects: future digital impact, current digital capabilities and ability to change.

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How do we ensure that digital opportunities are evaluated and explored from a holistic, corporate perspective? Which areas of digitalization are most relevant to address? What is the difference between our company and a fully digitalized player in the industry? What are the possible future scenarios of development on a 5-10 years time frame? What do we need to change to remain competitive?

Cartina has a deep competence within future analysis, strategy and understanding of the potential within digitalization


How planned vs ad hoc is your external and internal interactions in digital interfaces? How do you measure up in terms of competence in relation to those best-in-class social media front runners? Both customers and co-workers will measure you with the best, regardless of industry. How do you make sure to successfully reach out to those people, clients or co-workers that you need to keep your business running and growing? What is the gap between what you could be doing and what you are doing today?


Cartina has developed the strategy, plans and implementation of internal and external interactions for best-in-class players

Data-driven decision-making 

Do you really utilize all the data you have about your business and your clients? Or are you even collecting the data? Do you end up discussing integrity issues and fail to understand the potentials and possibilities to simplify your clients buying-process? What are others doing already and how will this affect your industry and client expectations?


Cartina has unique expertise within data-driven decision-making both from a business and technological perspective


What could be automated in our business today? Are we evaluating automation across business units and functions or are we driving automation from a bottom-up perspective? Maybe even as an IT-project with low engagement from the business? How do we make sure that our ways-of-working are changed when a new system is introduced and are we sure to fully exploit the automation possibility?


Cartina has broad experience from extensive automation projects with a corporate perspective and where business effects are key


How could digitalization create innovation in your business? Does the innovation process encompass both creativity, structure, digital and technological competence  and a business-oriented mindset? Do you have assets that could be used in a completely different way? Or do you lack competence to enable digital innovation? Do you understand the future development and the future logic of your business, clients and competition?


Cartina knows what it takes to enable digital innovation both in terms of understanding future development and internally organizing for innovation


What is the level of change required to remain or become truly competitive in your industry, today and in the future? Does the current ways-of-working and ongoing initiatives take you forward quickly enough or do you need a stronger push to change mindsets and priorities in you organisation?


Cartina can help you understand the need for change and design a customized transformation programme. We also support you along the way in different roles in you transformation

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