Cartina Digitalization Assessment is a standardized framework for measuring companies' digital maturity and readiness by studying three aspects: current digital capabilities, ability to change and future digital impact.

Organizations today struggle to understand what digitalization actually means and especially which implications it has on their business. It is hard to obtain a comprehensive view of the current state of digital transformation as many companies lack awareness of their digital opportunities. Another problem is measuring their digital capabilities in comparison to competitors and other industries.

The purpose of our digitalization assessment is to address several of the challenges that relate to measuring and understanding digitalization. We advocate that digitalization is not only about the use of digital tools or presence in digital channels. It is rather the organizational capabilities, flexibility and ability to change that constitute the main drivers for digital leaders.

You can participate by completing an online survey  consisting of 50 questions. The result will give a first indication of your digital maturity and digital readiness.

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Digital Maturity

Digital maturity emphasize the current realization of digital opportunities in your organization but also your ability to change and future digital impact.


Digital Readiness

Digital readiness focus on your future capability to respond to digital impact, whether it is driven from changing customer behavior or  progress in automation.

The answers are analyzed on an aggregated level which gives both statistical and conceptual results, answering how digital mature you are today and how well you can respond to tomorrow.

The survey will give you insights

Get the results within three weeks! The survey will give you valuable information which you can benefit from in many ways, among them; an increased understanding of digitalization in general, insights for your organization's digital maturity and readiness as well as an increased understanding of your abilities and how your organization performs

Cartina offer further analysis

- Workshop with detailed explanation of your results
- Digital maturity project with in-depth analysis on all levels of the organization
- Digital transformation project in which we help you to fill the gaps and improve in digitalization