Want to wake up in the morning looking forward to an inspiring and challenging assignment and collaboration with exceptional colleagues? We already do. At Cartina, you’ll be among the best minds in digital transformation and working on meaningful client engagements that deliver positive and impactful results. In this environment we value, nurture and sustain deep digital expertise combined with a distinctive focus on delivery. We are proud to be ambitious for our clients’ success.


Cartina has a flat organizational structure where everyone is encouraged to participate in and influence company development. We are a company of leaders who prioritize self-awareness and individual growth. Our premise is simple: the more you develop as an individual, the stronger the company. Your development is our development. And because we focus our efforts on digital transformation rather than general management consulting, we – and you – are able to stay at the forefront of a fast-moving and disruptive discipline.



At Cartina, we are energized by and dedicated to hard work and the pursuit of excellence. We also believe that this kind of excellence is only possible when we have a full life, with time for career, family and personal interests. We don’t pretend that the workload is not high, but our culture is grounded in flexibility and efficiency. Non-value adding tasks and processes are minimized, freeing up time for what’s important to our clients and ourselves. We believe that compelling work is an integral part of a full life, and vice versa.


Cartina is a relatively small and young organization where each person makes a significant contribution. It’s a place to be heard in and a place to be talked about. We work together to set goals and priorities, challenge received wisdom and each other, and to fulfill our own ambitions alongside fulfilling our assignments. If you’re passionate about digital and the difference it makes to the world, there’s no other place to be. Here we’re a team of dedicated, knowledgeable, pragmatic and opinionated specialists who all have the same burning interest. Together, we are building Sweden’s best digital management consultancy.

We are always on the lookout for new colleagues with diverse backgrounds and experience. We firmly believe that diversity is the key to both a better offering and a more stimulating workplace. Having said this, individuals who work at Cartina also share some factors in common.


Cartina people are high-performing individuals who are passionate about making an impact and in collaboration with colleagues and clients make a true difference. We believe in the power of building a strong team, focusing on each individuals’ strengths. We know that it is equally important to excel in analysis, problem-solving and strategic mindset as well as driving change in an inclusive and inspirational way. The ability to move others towards a common goal and nurture growth in others is key to those who work here.


We are united in an insatiable interest in all things digital and sustainable and the role it has in driving social, cultural and business change. We immerse ourselves in the latest theory and practice of digital and sustainable transformation – in and out of work – and use this expertise to creatively and insightfully solve problems for our clients. To understand the future, we need people who don’t only think outside the box - but outside the whole universe.


We strongly believe that facts are the best way to kill random beliefs and myths about the future development, the market and customers, the competition or your own performance as a company. Our employees are trained consultants from our own comprehensive and innovative Academy program or from reputable consulting firms with the necessary experience to hit the ground running in a new assignment. This capability is essential to fulfill our delivery and performance commitment to our clients.


We are a fast-growing company and we need to constantly adapt to new circumstances in our own development. We know that it is hard to keep pace with changes that occur that we may not ourselves have chosen. This makes us humble and empathetic to the situation many of our clients are facing. We know that the real world is sometimes nowhere close to “by-the-book” theories, but we also believe that there is a lot to learn from other’s experiences


Cartina is a new breed of management consultancy focused on digital and sustainable strategy and transformation. We translate digital opportunities into a lasting and profitable business advantage for our clients and take pride in our digital thought leadership in the shape of in-depth studies and insights.


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