Humanity 2.0 Trend #6 of 8 from Web Summit

The human brain is remarkable, and the last century we have greatly expanded what it means to be human. The technology and scientific development has taken us to the moon, created the internet and cured many deadly diseases, and new emerging technologies are allowing us to live our lives without boundaries.

How we experience our everyday life has already started to shift with AR and VR acting as disruptors. As our real world is merging with the virtual world, normal rules of physics no longer apply and we will soon be able visit Web Summit from our couch or even meet a loved one who has passed away. The only limit is our imagination.


For humans to be relevant in a matter of decades there is no choice other than to unlock our brains and intervene in our cognitive evolution

-Bryan Johnson, founder of Kernel


Bryan Johnson, founder of Kernel, is developing technologies to understand and treat neurological diseases. It allows them to interpret the brain’s complexity in order to create applications towards cognitive enhancement. He believes that in 15-20 years we will have tools to restore or delete memories, or even create a perfect memory.

We will be able to chip our brains to communicate and learn in a completely new way. In essence, we become superhumans. Manipulating our bodies in such way has raised discussions about ethical issues, but exploring and expanding our brain with the help of neuroscience might be the next logical step in the human evolution.

Today, we are already continuously looking for ways to improve ourselves by analyzing our blood and DNA to foresee and prevent diseases. Tomorrow, we can chip our brains, and go from being reactive to proactive.


Startups such as Biohax are already transforming humans into digital creatures by putting a small datachip into the hand enabling access to the office, gym and transportation.


Because humans are the most powerful form of intelligence on earth, we reign superior. However, Bryan Johnson believes this may no longer be the case in the future as AI is becoming increasingly powerful. For humans to stay relevant in a matter of decades, there is no choice other than to unlock our brains and intervene in our cognitive evolution.






Web Summit is the world’s largest tech event, and a global meeting place for the world’s most innovative technology companies and people interested in how disruption can transform their business and everyday lives.

The event takes place during a couple of days each year and Cartina had the chance to be part of it in late 2017. We really got to experience the latest innovations and meet the frontrunners within different areas of technology – resulting in these trends.

This series consists of 8 global mega trends that business leaders, experts, innovators and disruptors talked about during the days in Lisbon. If you want to read the full report, click the button above and we will email it to you.

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